Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wasps' nest in my sport shoes

Hell, I am pretty sure I can't blame this on Russia (even I will do my best to try it;)....

Today I had luck with the traffic and decided to make a bit of sport. Quick scan in my apartment and my running equipment appeared. Found the shoes on the balcony.

When I tried to slip in I realized that the space is busy. First assuming it's a piece of paper I realized fast that it was a wasps nest.
How embarrassing, a wasp nest in my right sport shoe!
And I'm used to answered on the question if I make sport 'occasionally' ;)
(Bdw, this is the same answer as I give on the question how often I drink alcohol... 'occasionally' it's is a very flexible word)

Damn, I clearly have to change my life style!
But the other way around. It's a expat live with a lot of business trips, 2-4 hour in traffic jams a day (for 40km) also consume a bit of time and the gyms here are expensive and demand the

yearly fee in cash & advance...

... see, I did it. I blamed Russia again :)
But let's be honest. It's just me.



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