Monday, 16 July 2007

"Business Lunch" <--> " Business Love"

I had today business at a bank branch at the Novij Arbat (Centre of Moscow). (Damn Russian botchers in there, I spent 4h in there and drove there three times just for a simple money transfer,... but this is a different story).

As it was Monday morning I did not mind to park in front of a strip club. There are a lot of them in the center, quite more than parking space. When I left the car I even mentioned to my girlfriend "guess they are not working yet"). Even though, there was written "non stop strip" and all this stuff.
So, a few hours (and hard strokes at the bank) later I returned to my car. Just to see that the stip club put a "business lunch" sign outside.

Well, as a matter of fact the sign was a bit blurred. So, I am not sure if they wrote "Business Lunch" or " Business Love". But then again, hell, it's probably everything the same in there :)



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