Sunday, 15 July 2007

Fokker (-plane) With A Defect Engine


June 07 I flew back to Moscow from Riga.
My plane was a Fokker (the one with propellers), actually not too bad. Better than my russian planes in this month.
Anway, the pilot started the engine. Not engineS, just the engine because the right one did not work.
After a few seconds the pilot annouced:
"Ladies and Genltemen, we have small technical difficulties. We'll take a look and then decide if we can fly."

A technician arrived, climbed up a ladder and took a look in the engine. Without any tools. Just a torch he used to take a look (and I assume to slam it again some relays).
Afterwards the pilot crumbled something about a relay, turned the key and both engines started :)
So, we started... honestly, in this moments I didn't mind the right engine. When we started my heart & hope was with the 1st one nobody hammered again.



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