Saturday, 28 July 2007

High Hell Race & Taxi Trouble

It can just be so fun to be in Moscow... :o)Here two of the things which happens today

High Hell Race
There is an annual race in a couple of town in Russia. Russian girls get on their heels and then they run for a price of 100.000 Rubel (approx. 3k Euro).
This actually makes perfect sense in a countrym wheremen only can wonder how the female party of the society manage manage to walk on heels even on clear ice (in short skirts). Besides this it is an delight to watch for me, as that my company sells also stuff to orthopedic surgeons:)
Movie below, some pictures here.

In Moscow you just stop a car and negotiate a price, instead using a taxi. Sometimes stops just a normal car who makes some pocket money, sometimes a limousine where the chauffeur has the same idea and usually an old, crappy Lada with an guy from middle Asia who makes so his living.
This isn't actually as dangerous as it sound. But a lot of funny stories rank around this kind of taxis. Yesterday for example the car stopped in the middle of the road, we blocked all, chorus of horns, the driver got out and made a quick repair. Here a pick of my friend and the open hood with the driver in the background :)

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I would anyway fail. I am too long here. So beauty & decay,
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So this blog is like a painting from from Roy Lichtenstein... when you are with your nose on it :) You will just see the dots, not gaining any understanding of the whole.

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