Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Media Review

I love faked media:)

No matter if the US Fox, German Spiegel or some Russian news.

You have so much to smile about.

E.g. The shown info graphic, stating 'clearly' that the good times from 2007/2008 will come back driven by the oil price. Just this time they will last. (I never forgot how in summer 2008 an employee suggested that the oil driven rubel till 2010 will replace the Euro and all German will have rubel in their wallets)

also in this particular newspaper

- China buys high level export good from the US, from Russia they buy raw material. The reason is NOT the quality, it is just better financing options from US banks

- a speech from President Medvedev about a possible 'virtual' currency to replace the USD immediately led to a crash of the US dollar on the international currency exchange


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