Friday, 19 June 2009


Spent my night with 40 Russian downtown prague (guess the ruins are still burning). Instead of sleeping I rushed at 4:30 am to the airport to buy a last minute ticket to Munich (600 € for a 40 min flight). Had to make it to a private appointment at 8 am.
After boarding they announced a 120 min delay and my carefully orchestrated plan completly blew up.
--> Life can be such a bitch :)

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About this blog

This blog is a close up on Russia and the CIS. I am not giving you the big picture.
I would anyway fail. I am too long here. So beauty & decay,
education & corruption, high culture & kafka-style administration are meanwhile normal for me.
So this blog is like a painting from from Roy Lichtenstein... when you are with your nose on it :) You will just see the dots, not gaining any understanding of the whole.

Most things will look strange in this blog. But you can be sure, I would not live here, if there would not be a lot of great things here. Unfortunately, the weired stories are more interesting to tell & read.
Don’t judge Russia on this blog, if you want to know the country, come over and take a look by your own.