Thursday, 13 December 2007

Apparment Search in Moscow

I am currently again taking a look for a new apartment. My one is great, but I am feed up with the traffic jam. Sure, I know about the pricing in Moscow. And I absolutely accept pay 2000 dollar a month for an apartment (I am not happy about, but hey, this is Moscow).
Actually a lot of people would tell this, that 2000 dollars are still cheap (including my real eastat agent).
What is just partly true. This people have either apartments payed by the company or no experience in Russia or usually both. So they get ripped of by the landlord and agents. When my agent tried to explain me that 2000 dollars are nothing I simply asked here why she is not rich. After all she gets 1 or 2 month of commission and is supposed to make a couple of deals a month.
Still, I am surprised about the bad quality they are going to offer you. Russians lacks style in this terms. The picture attached are for an apartment for 1 900 Dollar. I watched another (no pictures) which was even worse. 2 200 Dollars a month for something which had a grandmother style. (blush, thick carpets, awful couch, squiggled picture frames *brrrr* ).
No discussion even about the heating system, isolation or common staircase.



P.S. do you know that you in Russian describe a apartment as "renovated" or "euro-renovated". Euro-Renovated means more or less european style. The pictures below are euro-renovated. This means (for me) just renovated is just clean Russian understanding of the word and this is more or less "you don't mind the details of housing".

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