Wednesday, 26 August 2009

borders of Russia / Demographics

Last question in the Radio to a leader of the opposition:
(which said overall a lot of smart and democratic stuff in the interview.)

Moderator: 'In what borders do you see Russia'

Opposition leader: 'UDSSR minus the Baltics States'

Puh, and this is the liberal, democratic opposition…..
Together with some recent Russian legislation and statements I have a gut feeling that there will be more conflicts like the Georgian - Russian one (2008) in the next decade.

It’s not a question of the Russia government. It’s a question how the Russian people understand themselves and how they see their neighbors and other countries. I face myself all the time (as German) a Russian legislation that is horribly xenophobic. It is much harder to get a proper legal status in Russia as a German then it is the other way around. (Honestly, at least 10 times harder and 30 times more expensive.). Then consider that the Germans in Moscow gain and behave different than some(!) of the Russians in Germany (social wellfare, mafia, …)

Great perspective for a country that is supposed to loose 30% of the population till 2050. And this is not not a speculation, it is a fact. It’s just a simple counting as that who lives in 2050 is already born today.

here some facts...

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Pavel said...

You mix a lot of different things together and in the result a very
strange post.

1. Anyone can say something stupid
and why this should be a general
opinion of the democratic opposition?
(and btw, if yo quote someone, please, give the name too - it usually looks quite fishy otherwise).

2. Russian legislation IS a question
of the Russian goverment.

3. I didn't quite get the comparison germans in Russia
and russians in Germany (which
is altogether meaningless).

Nice blog, btw :)

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