Tuesday, 21 July 2009


So, I called a hotline in Germany to rent a car. When the hotline guy asked me for a contact I told him it will be a Russian number.

Hotline guy: "oh, wow… can I can ask you something personally"

I: "please, go ahead"

He: "Does it make sense to go to Russia to... you know… take a look at the girls They are supposed to be amazing!”

Actually after another 5 minutes I convinced him to go at least also to Sankt Petersburg to enjoy a bit of culture. He agreed after I ensured him that the girls will not be worse than in Moscow. This is what I call a reputation! And it was not the first time. Once a guy came up to me with the same questions on a German parking lot right on the highway.

Russia culture is deeply underestimated in Europe, Russian girls are definitely not.

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Geotacs said...

interesting encounter!

thanks for sharing!


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