Sunday, 11 January 2009

crisis :) Rolex

Back in Moscow, So I went out in the evening and had a beer with a friends.
It wasn't one of the cheap places, but last year still ok.
Now for two Heineken 840 rbls = 22 Euro is even in Moscow a lot. Seems the increases pricing a bit.

Then a girl at the counter started to speak with me.
I realized that she has a nice wristwatch and asked here If a I can take a look. Turned out to be a rolex. I am not far from an expert, but it didn't look like one of the cheap Rolex. (a cheap Rolex is the one your friends dream of buying on day and you don't understand what is special about it. This watch was definitely shiny)

So, I told her: "Wow, nice... from your husband?"
She (pissed): "What the hell, do you think I need a husband for this?!"
I: "Listen, how old are you? 24, 25 years?"
She: "25"
I: "Ok, husband or parents, nobody can earn with 25 enough cash to buy himself such a rolex."
She (subdued": "parents"


A real crisis can only help this society to come back to earth and then build up some real values!

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Anonymous said...

Honestly, I don't know how a 25 year old girl with a real Rolex has lower values than an older creep who suddenly starts asking personal questions about her age and financial situation..

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