Friday, 28 March 2008

SWOT analysis

You know, I call Russian girls сладкий яд (sweet poison) and try to stay as far away as possible or handle them with extreme precaution.
Today I got remembered why.

Wow, a Russian girl told me yesterday evening:
If I meet a guy who I'd love very much I'd be happy to live anywhere with him. I don't need just to live in a big house with a man whom I don't love.
*oh, sweet, nice, isn't it*... anyway, don't believe it.

And today another Russian girl showed me reality once more. She said:
I think a SWOT analysis is very useful tool. I made one before I got divorced from my first Russian husband.
CE !! This is simple brilliant :o))))

No matter what gender or nationality people don't want to have love OR money (aka security). Everybody wants to have love AND money (aka security). Growing up in a culture with has a revolution or crisis one in a generation doesn't ease this wish.
Poor all the men (Russian and special foreigner) which are intrigued by the beauty and seemingly tenderness of Russian girls. But behind the surface Russian girls may be some of the smartest and toughest beings in the world. After the grown up in a "survival of the fittest" society, within a very pro-male culture and with 20 million more woman then men in the country.

so, handle with precaution :)


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