Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Size matters

Russia is incomprehensible, but sometimes you start to get a glimpse of it.

Like now, when I switched through the hotel folder in Sibira to order my breakfast.

I saw the zones for the domestic call. Damn, you see it...
Zone 4 up to 3000 km
Zone 5 up to 5000 km
Zone 6 from 5001 km

Tomorrow I get a taxi to drive to a town next by and come then back in the evening. One way, 400 km in a cap in the Siberian winter.

Bdw, if you wonder where I am. North Sibira, not even in the middle of the country.


Nicky said...

So, jetzt hab ich dich auf dem Radar!
No way out ;-)
Gruessle aus TUT

Nicky said...

ach ja: try this...
aber schick mir vorher deinen google account per email, damit ich dich reinlassen kann

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This blog is a close up on Russia and the CIS. I am not giving you the big picture.
I would anyway fail. I am too long here. So beauty & decay,
education & corruption, high culture & kafka-style administration are meanwhile normal for me.
So this blog is like a painting from from Roy Lichtenstein... when you are with your nose on it :) You will just see the dots, not gaining any understanding of the whole.

Most things will look strange in this blog. But you can be sure, I would not live here, if there would not be a lot of great things here. Unfortunately, the weired stories are more interesting to tell & read.
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